Samsung ATIV S Neo SPH-I800 User Guide Manual Free

Download Samsung ATIV S Neo SPH-I800 User Guide Manual Free 
Samsung ATIV S Neo is designed for carrier Sprint smartphone. Given the “include” Sprint, the network connectivity for the SPH-I800 (the series name of the device) supports both CDMA and GSM network. Moreover, it also works with 4G LTE technology.
The manual that we share is down you need a quick instructions for using S neo Ativ, including how to work with the Sprint carrier pre-installed applications to give. The device comes with HD display with a resolution of 4.77 inch (720 x 1280 pixels).HTC Desire 200 User Guide Manual Free Download Now
Even if you had used the smartphone thousand times but if the device with new operating system and the door, you still need a manual to operate. Unless you are a kind of person who likes to “trial and error” (which I do not recommend doing that).
On page 15 of the users of the Samsung Neo ATIV S (Guide), you can use the information related to the mobile layout, with keys and also the individual components and functions of the key. Of headphones, power button, start button, volume button, proximity and light sensors, and power / lock button. See above provides a quick look of the Basics chapter phone on page 15 the photo.
On this basis, chapter phone, you can also learn how to use it. Touchscreen for navigation purposes Form, such as tap,
Since the ATIV S Neo activate specially designed for Sprint, on page 65 of the manual, you can also learn the tutorial how to sprint Account Worldwide service such as Sprint International voicemail, data roaming usage, activated global roaming mode and more.

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