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VolcanoBox2012 is NOW VolcanoBox2013-VolcanoBox V1.8.3 Coolsand/Rda USB & SE Xperia

Whats new ?

VolcanoBox Exclusive Update for

RDA & Coolsand

Coolsand & Rda USB Read
(Default 4M flash,can select manually if it's big size)

Coolsand & Rda USB Write
(Support some flash ic )

Coolsand & Rda USB Read Password

Coolsand & Rda USB Format
(Support some flash ic )

Coolsand & Rda USB Read Info
(it can identify size and IMEI)

Original SonyErcisson Xperia
( Coming Soon )

Docomo SO-01B
X10 Mini
X10 Mini Pro
Xperia Active
Xperia Arco
Xperia Arc
Xperia Arc S
Xperia W8
Xperia X10i
Xperia X10a
Xperia Mini
Xperia Mini Pro
Xperia Pro
Xperia Play
Xperia Ray

About Xperia Unlocking. it will be Direct Unlocking. It's almost Finished. Will update on next upcoming updates right after New Year Holidays !!

About Coolsand Usb update:
Don't ever think we copy from Monkey Donkey Team . fact is they copy from M.....T....B.. i have some sold prove about it. as you guys know Volcano is always ahead. This update which we gave you now have some Exclusive Things. Which phone Volcano can do on Usb no other can do till now !! if any one want to see join me i will show. Also i don't have to show you guys will know as you use it. So this is TRULY Exclusive & World's 1st RDA Models Supported

How to use ?

You have 3 ways.

1st Detect Coolsand Usb pinout from volcanobox.
2nd Use Original cable.
3rd Use Manual pinout.

Keep in mind:
Coolsand Usb work on those phones which can comes into USB MASS MEMORY select. if phone is completely dead you have to use Rx Tx way.

Set pinout.
go to Coolsand Rda tab
Click on Usb mode
Untick Auto Pinfind
Select your desire operation
click on run
when mobile power on & it's say Usb mass memory
Press & Hold "0" button from mobile key pad
Install Drivers
from ( C:\Program Files\Volcano Team\VolcanoBox\Drivers\Phone Drivers\Coolsand USB )

For reference i made this HD Clear Result Video for you guys
!! Maximize your Volume & Watch it in HD !!

!! Click here to download VolcanoBox 1.8.3 Full installer !!

!! Get Register your self on Oneunlock & Get Amazing Discounts !!


Mirror : VolcanoTool_v1.8.3_Full_Installer.rar



Download zip file
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