Samsung S5670 Sucessfully Flashing Done With ODIN

Samsung S5670 Sucessfully Flashing Done With ODIN Naeem123e

1. Run Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit Downloader > Odin.
2. Select OPS file: BENI_v1.0.ops
3. Click BOOT button and select: 4. APBOOT_S5670xxxxx_CL913243_REV01_user_low_true.tar .md5
5. Click Phone button and select: MODEM_S5670xxxxx_CL913243_REV01.tar.md5
6. Click PDA button and select: CODE_S5670xxxxx_CL913243_REV01_user_low_true.tar.m d5
7. Click CSC button and select: CSC_S5670xxxxxx_CL913243_REV01_user_low_true.tar.m d5
8. Put your phone into Download Mode: Press middle Key ( Home key ) + Power + Volume Down
9. Connect USB cable to your phone and the program must read the Com number it takes.
10. Click Start button and the update process will start.

Do not touch or remove anything till the device rebooted and you can see PASS word on the program.

Here Tested Flash File


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