Infinity best drivers for windows 8

go to start to run And then type .. (winmsd.exe)
Then System Type X86- or 64
go to download drive
Operating system

WinUSB Drivers x64.7z
WinUSB Drivers x86.7z
and install Operating system

Blacberry 9000 headphone mode problem solution ,ear spk problem ways jumper solution

if your phone hadset mark problem follow steps.. try 1 by one.................

1. Go to the setting and select profile management there. Then select normal profile and with it in enhancement mode select the headset mode.

2. Now first open the mobile and change the handsfree jack and check problem.

3. If the problem still remains after changing the handsfree jack, then we have to use the jumper for a sound IC.

4. First connect point 1 to the sound transistor as shown in the image below:

5. Then connect point 2 of the handsfree jack to the transistor as shown in the image.

6. Then connect the 3rd point to the other resistance as shown in the image:7. Now connect the 4th point to another resistance properly.

8. And after all that is done connect the final and last point for a blank connection.

9. Now check the problem and if there is still a problem then finally change the sound IC as shown in the image with the rectangle mark.

Nokia 303 ear speaker solution 100% tetsed

ear speaker

Nokia C2-03 button calling key does not work solution 100% tested solution

nokia c2-03,06 calling key not warking
i 100% try ok

Nokia X2-00 keypad ways solution

Root Any Maxx Mobile Phone Easily in Few Steps

If you are using Android Mobile and need the rooting in Android Mobile. I am share the Tutorial which may be helpful in rooting for your Mobile....

Precaution :

1. 70 to 80% Charging  

2. Backup of Data your Mobile Phone

Software and Thinks Needed :

1. USB Cable

2. Maxx Mobile and PC

3. Unlock Root Software 

4. Maxx Mobile PC Suite and Adb Driver

Procedure For Root Your LG Android Mobile :

1. Download the Unlock Root Software and installed in the PC

2. Then Installed the PC Suite of Mobile in the PC

3. Then connect your Mobile to PC using the USB Cable

4. Enable the USB Dubugging Mode

5. Then open the UNLOCK ROOT SOFTWARE 

6. and Click on the ROOT Option

7. Then wait few seconds your Mobile Will Be Rooted....

Disclaimer :

1. This Tutorial May Be Work 
2. Use this Method On Your RISK.

Try to Root Maxx MSD7 3G AX50|Genx Droid 7 AX353|Maxx TAB722|Maxx AX5 Duo|Maxx AX8 RACE|Maxx AX9Z RACE|AX8|Genx Droid7|Maxx MSD7 Smarty|Maxx AX8 NOTE II|AX5|MSD7 Android|AX8 NOTE I|AX3|MA440, above process may be work for these devices also, so try and give result by comments....


HWK Offline Installer By Sarfraz Husain (Momin Telecom)

HWK Offline Installer
This is very use full For All User
Have A problem After Format Pc
Many Time install with Internet Have Big Problem
Net Is Slow /Very Slow
Don't worry
I Make Hwk Offline Installer
Only 2 or 3 File Missing In this setup
Not Have A Big Problem
Here Is Solution

HWK Offline installer By Sarfraz Husain1

HWK Offline installer By Sarfraz Husain 2

Password= shahzaib husain
After iInstall
Install Ufs Panel Latest Version

1-Scan Box
2- Check Box
3-Update Box
Go to Software Tab
1-Scan Server
After See All Files
Click On Install
i Think 2-3 Files Missing This Setup

Last Download Dhlt

Download _DHLT.part01.exe
Download _DHLT.part02.rar
Download _DHLT.part03.rar
Download _DHLT.part04.rar
Download _DHLT.part05.rar
Download _DHLT.part06.rar
Download _DHLT.part07.rar 

After Download All DHLT file Salect All And Extract
Past - C:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_SAMs
you Have DHLT File
No need To Download

Now Enloy

All Gsm Solution Headline Animator


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