Nokia 1202 no power jumper 100% done solution


Nokia N8 Camera Key Jumper Solution Ways

Nokia c1-01 earpiece/headset & light problem SOLVED

c1-01 earpiece/headset & light problem SOLVED
water damage but phone is still alive

dismantle the phone and clean headset socket and DRY

then apply jumper on lcd connector pin 2 as shown on the snapshots


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I-Phone 3G Low/No Wifi signal Solution

If you have Wifi signal problems make this tested and working!

iPhone 3G Vibrator Positive Track Repair in board!

This how i solved no vibrator crack in board.

iPhone 3G Battery Ways in Board.

This how i solved Charging Complete after insert cable it was damaged NTC and Batt Temp in board.

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All Gsm Solution Headline Animator


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