Nokia 1616_2 power on not work SUCCESS sa jumpera

Nexian G522 dkk PA jumper Solution

Nexian go dead a total condition, try to check the PS use alternating current (short). life sciences in a way raba2 lower than 3.7 volts on the PS V to 2.0 V and then try raba2 PA pineapple really fitting section,
immediately try to pull the PA, check back with the phone is not s.hort PS, return voltage of 2.0v PS TO 3.7 V. then turn on the phone, ding .. HAPE can come on again, but still there is a problem again after PA unplugged phone would not be possible sticking signal, seen in use PA type 77 318 PAM Sky

Open the cheat sheet to do the jumper diagram, then use the test sim card, not to disappoint hasinya full signal indicators, create call. pulse check, all ok

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