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Nokia N81 Handsfree solution

Nokia N81 Flex Strip Tracks Schematics


Nokia N81 back camera solution.

Nokia N81 fake charging solution.

Nokia N81 buzzer solution.

Nokia N81 bluetooth solution.

Nokia N81 charging no response.

Nokia N81 usb not detected solution.

Micxon S901 Charger Ways

cherry mobile mode G9 shorted no power here the solution

cherry mobile mode G9 shorted no power here the solution

Unit: Cherry mobile Model R9
history: After charging phone not power on
problem: no power and shorted phone

Phone before:

action: dismantled the phone and do this guide.

after remove:

assemble the phone and power on
thanks God operation success


Chaina letest hardwear solution

Invalid Charger Solution
First Try To Change Charger if not work
Remove Or Change Two Black Color Resistor near R22.
100% Tested
A Lot Of Set.

 New China Mobile Hardware Solution

Nokia 5250 menu & call key sloution

5250 menu & call key sloution

remove this ic make jumper enjoy

iPhone 3G Schematic with Layout & easy component

I have check Test Points with multimeter tipped each component,appreciate this great work.

Nokia X6 charging problem Solution

Follow this instruction to fix Nokia X6 charging problem

- Check F2000, L2000, R2000, C2000 and C2001

If Fuse ( F2000 ) and or Resistor ( R2000) Broke up or not connect the result is Phone no response to charging.
To fix it just change it or make jumper it.
If R2000, C2000,Or C2001 is short the result also no response to charger.
To fix just Change or Remove it

If the Phone say '' Charger not supported '' while charging try to change R2071.These R value is 47K.

Otherwise after do this Solutions step by step, Problem not solved then change the betty ic.

Lg kp500 lcd solution

Lg kp500 only backlight or display no picture do two solutions like picture below one by one

- Check voltage at c518, normal voltage is 2.9volt
- Check lcd connector may bad or unsoldered.if unsoldered just resolder
- Change 3 LCD Emif filter, if you do not have emif try to jumper
- Emif jumper shown in the picture below

Nokia 2600c no power and shorted Solution

history: no power and shorted ...

Action taken : open schematic at Trace ang positive connection simula sa Battery terminal ... isang bunot sapul..

Nokia x3-00 no light lcd Solution

All Gsm Solution Headline Animator


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