Mito 303 sim solution


NOKIA 1661 Solution pack 2012

Iphone all schematic here Br,..::HANIF::..


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Iphone All Schematic Here Br,..::HANIF::..

Iphone all schematic here Br,..::HANIF::..


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Iphone all schematic here Br,..::HANIF::..

Iphone all schematic here Br,..::HANIF::..

Iphone Schematics, 3G , 3GS , 4 iphone

Iphone Schematics, 3G , 3GS , 4 iphone.rar

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Get it while you can ..............

iPhoneYeta 4F happy valentines day............

iPhoneYeta 4F Valentines Day

hello iPhoneYeta users..
IPhoneYeta 4F released....

for those who didn't know what is iPhoneYeta.

iPhoneYeta is a new version of Jailbroken Quick Tool (google it)

iPhoneYeta have many features most of all for mobile phones technicians that jailbreaks and unlock idevices.
Features are:

No-wifi - Can install appsync,installous,ultrasn0w and more tweaks without wifi.(restart your device twice).

Chicken Baseband - Can update iPhone 3G and 3GS baseband to 6.15 without internet using chicken baseband with the help of redsn0w and mongoose server.
Fetching is offline so it will take less that 5 seconds only.

Hosts File Tool - Easy to set hosts file to cydia or apple server or delete hosts file without going to windows system directory to avoid itunes 3194 error while restoring.

Fix Recovery Mode - Can exit recovery mode.

is-bb-safe? - You can also check manually or automatically if iPhone 3GS is safe to update baseband to 6.15

Support - Can change ideas and about iDevices...chatroom.
If support is not working please install flash player for internet explorer from here

Installous Loader - with this features you can send IPA games to installous download tab.idevice must have installous installed to use this features.

Deb Loader - You can send deb files to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall directly.. restart your device twice to install sent deb files.

New features(i'm proud to have this features)
iPot - is the new features that included in this update (iPhoneYeta 4F).iPot is jailbreak tool identifier.
You can identify your device manually jailbreak tool to use,Or you can check it automatically by connecting your iDevice.
note:iPot icon is disabled by default it will enable after contacting server so please wait to enable it takes more 5 seconds depends on my ****sh*t server..X(

Special thanks to all my beta testers..
Specially to ..:GsMpRInc3:.. who spent time to upload inforamation to iPot.
Thnaks to acid_iced for his iPhone 4 without your iPhone i can't determine the differents of iPhone 4 deviceClass.

To exit this application you need to hold power button for 5 seconds(just like real iPhone)

Download updates here:

Samsung Downloader Collection 2012

Apollo v4.21.exe
Apollo v4.32B.exe
Apollo v6.10.exe
Becks2 Downloader v03 - i740.exe
Bordeaux Downloader v01 - i710, i718.exe
BROADCOM Downloader v0.97 - S3310.exe
MSM7255 MultiDownloader v90.exe
MultiLoader V5.31.exe
MultiLoader V5.53 QSC6240.exe
MultiLoader V5.56.exe
MultiLoader V5.60.exe
MultiLoader V5.61.exe
MultiLoader V5.62.exe
MultiLoader V5.63 E2.0 QSC62XX.exe
MultiLoader V5.64.exe
MultiLoader v.5.65 .exe
Octans Downloader v2.0 - i8000.exe
Odin Multi Downloader v3.98 - i7500.exe
Symbian ROM Flashing Tool v1.52(CODE, CSC, CP) For Main Line.exe
UMDL v1.0 4.5min - i780.exe
USDL GrandPrix v1.6.2 XP - i900.exe

Samsung c3303k champ shorted done pa jumper

unit: c3303k
problem:dead shorted
history: nahulog daw
1.check sa tester (positive shorted) pantay ang palo
2.kaya open ko unit subukan ko ipa on ang unit ayaw mag on mainit ang pa
3.tinang-gal ko PA wala nang short problima kung saan kukuha ng pa kay ito na lang ginawa ko jumper


Blackberry 9900 insert sim card 100% working solution

Nokia 1616 no light / led solution

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Nokia Bluetooth TV-MObile P.A. jumper done...

UNIT: Nokia Bluetooth TV-Mobile
Diagnostic: Signal Failure


  • Remove Power Amplifier
  • Jumper as shown in the Picture

here finish product:

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