Nokia E5 LCD Screen Display Problem Solution

The solution above shows the connection line paths of the display signals from the ESD-EMI filter IC down to the LCD pin connector. Which you can use to trace the the LCD displays corresponding line paths across to that circuit. You may first check the LCD's supply voltages on the upper components of the PCB board, also check or replace the resistors and capacitors. Then if the two supply voltages is okay. Try to replace the Display filter IC alternately.

Nokia E5 keypad failure solution - keypad filter IC jumper ways

There are two EMI filter chip is being used in the circuit and it is located near the battery terminal. This keypad filter can't be found from old Nokia models.

Nokia E5 Keypad Jumper Ways

The two keypad filter IC of Nokia E5 is located or mounted near the battery connector terminal. If only one or two keypad keys doesn't work, You may first clean the keypad layout circuit including the keypad membrane. You may then try to check or replace the said keypad filter IC if there are many keys stop responding or working.

Nokia E5 Camera Flash Light LED/Torch Problem Solution

Repair hints for not working camera flash light on Nokia E5:
1. Check /reset the camera phone settings on the menu.
2. Check/clean the camera flash light connector terminals and contact pads.
3. Check the VBAT (battery voltage) across the two inductors coils.
4. Check/replace the two inductor coils.
5. Try to replace the camera flash LED bulb.
6. Replace the camera flash LED/Torch driver IC.

Nokia E5 MIC Problem Repair Solution

Repair hints for Nokia E5 MIC not working problem:
1. Check the two 0 ohms resistors near the battery connector and the 100 ohms near the RAPIDO IC,. replace if damaged.
2. Check/replace the capacitors.
3. Check the MIC supply voltage (VDIGIMIC).
4. If all of the said components above is OK,. Replace the 5 pin digital microphone.
5. If the problem still persist, rework the GAZOO IC.

Nokia E5 Headset Problem Jumper Ways

The solution above shows the connection of the headset AV jack connector terminal pads which is useful in high level troubleshooting procedures. It also includes the filter ICs connection for jumper remedies.

Hints in troubleshooting the headset problem on Nokia E5:
1. Check, clean or replace the headset AV jack connector.
2. Clean the AV jack connector terminal contact pads.
3. Trace the each particular connection like the microphone or the earpiece.
4. Check, replace the connected components on a particular connections.

Nokia E5 Earpiece Speaker Jumper Ways Solution

Repair hints for Nokia E5 Not Working Earpiece Speaker Problem:
1. Clean the Earpiece Speaker Terminal contact pads.
2. Check the Receiver speaker using a multimeter or try replacing it with a working speaker.
3. Check/Replace the filter coils and capacitors.
4. Trace its connection from the filter coils down to the terminal contact pads. Apply jumper wire if the connection is cut or open.
5. If the above procedures doesn't fix the problem. The possible problem may lies on the GAZOO IC.
6. Reheat, rework the GAZOO IC, replace if necessary.

Nokia E5 Insert Sim Card Error Problem Solution

In Nokia E5 the sim card operational circuit is controlled by the GAZOO IC. You may first check, clean the SIM card connector pins, then try to replace the highlighted components such as the capacitors and resistors.
Check the VSIM ( sim card supply voltage) and ground pin line paths.
If all of the said components is okay, but the problem continues. The problem may possibly lies on a GAZOO chip. Reheating or reworking it might only fix the problem. And then replace if necessary.

Nokia E5 Not charging problem repair solution

Repair hints for Nokia E5 Not Charging Problem:
1. Try to use another working charger.
2. Check, clean or replace the charging pin connector if oxidized.
3. Clean the charging pin connector terminal contact pads.
4. Check/ replace the fuse and the chip diode.
5. Check/replace the highligted transistor, resistors and capacitor.
6. If the above procedure won't fix the problem, the possible faulty is the GAZOO IC.
7. Reheat, rework the GAZOO chip, replace if necessary.

Nokia E5 MMC Connection Circuit

Hints in troubleshooting Nokia E5 memory card not detected problem:
1. Try to use another working microSD card.
2. If the memory card slot is oxidized, clean it with a cleaning kit.
3. Check the VMEM voltage (the red line) and the ground pins.
4. Reheat, rework the GAZOO IC, replace if necessary.

Nokia E5 Keypad Light LED Jumper Ways

Troubleshooting hints for Nokia E5 not working keypad backlight LED problem:
1. Check a certain LED's that won't light up using a multimeter. The white LED bulb are connected in parallel. Replace if found damaged.
2. Trace each certain connection line paths for possible cut off or open circuit.
3. Check the 3.7v VBAT (battery voltage) across the inductor coil.
4. Check/replace the inductor coil.
5. Check/replace the diode.
6. The LED's negative supply voltage is feed from the GAZOO IC.
There is a possibilty if the GAZOO chip is faulty, it will result to keypad light problem.
Reworking it might only fix the problem or replace if necessary.

Nokia E5 Buzzer, Ringer Speaker Jumper Ways

Repair hints for Nokia E5 buzzer speaker not working problem:
1. Check the IHF speaker using a multimeter, replace if found damaged.
2. Clean the IHF speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board if oxidized.
3. Check/replace the speaker filter coil.
4. Trace both negative and positive connection paths.
5. Check/replace the coils and capacitors near the GAZOO IC.
6. If the problem continues, the problem may possibly lies on the GAZOO IC, reworking or replacing it might only fix the problem. Enjoy..

Nokia E5 Display Light Jumper Ways

Troubleshooting hints on Nokia E5 LCD display light problem:
1. First try to replace the LCD screen display module.
2. Check the LCD pin connector, clean, re-solder it if necessary.
3. Check/read the VBAT voltage across the inductor coil, check the inductor coil too, replace if found damaged.
4. Trace the connection line paths of VLED-, VLED+ and the switching line.
5. Check/ replace the resistors near the LED driver IC.
6. Rehot, rework or replace the LED driver IC.

iPhone 3GS Fake Charging & Restart

I have two here that are doing this.

Firstly, don't ask me to search. I have done and the only solution is to remove the two ics as seen in the pic, however I do not have those IC. My boards are different.

I have:

Changed battery
Changed Charging Flex
Checked the fuses

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