SonyEricsson Xperia X1 Display Rotate problem Solution

xperia X1 landscape mode not responding solution

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 Service manual/Schematic Diagram

Here's the Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 Service manual download links we spotted on the net, Also known as Samsung i5500 Corby Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Europa, Samsung Galaxy 550 with Android OS version, v2.1 (Eclair), upgradable to v2.2. This repair manual includes the following files listed below:

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5  Service manual/Schematic Diagram

Disassembly and Reassembly Manual, Product Specification, Exploded View, Electrical parts & Parts list  PCB board layout and Schematic diagram.
This also includes the Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 Repair Guides and Troubleshooting for the following problems like:

* LCD Display problem - Abnormal Display
* Touch Screen Problem - Touch Screen Not Working
* Power ON problem- Power On does not work
* Initial Failure problem - Hang, frozen and restart
* Not Charging Problem - Abnormal charging
* Sim Card problem - insert sim card error, sim card not detected or recognize
* Micophone Problem - No voice call sound transmit
* Speaker problem - buzzer speaker malfunction
* Bluetooth and WiFi problem -Bluetooth and Wifi operation failures
* Camera problem - Camera Function not working
* GSM network signal problem - No Signal on GSM network
* WCDMA network signal problem - No signal on WCDMA network

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 / GT-I5500B / Corby Smartphone / Galaxy 550 service manuals, assembly - disassembly instructions, troubleshooting guide and schematics downlods

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Insert Sim Card Error Problem Solution

SE xperia x1 sim card jumper ways

Nokia E73 Power ON OFF switch jumper ways - tracks

nokia e73 mode power switch jumper ways

Nokia E73 USB charging problem jumper ways solution

nokia e73 USB charge jumper ways tracks

Nokia E73 SIM jumper ways


Nokia E73 MMC memory card not detected solution

nokia e73 MMC jumper ways tracks

T-Mobile T839 Sidekick 4G Hard Reset to Factory Default Settings

These are the steps and procedures on how to hard reset the T-Mobile T839 Sidekick 4G  with Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo), 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, PowerVR SGX540, GPU, Hummingbird chipset.
This is a simple guide if you want to return the device to its original factory settings again.
Please note: Just make a back up copy of all your personal data before proceeding because the result of this process will delete all data you previously installed on the device. Performing a factory reset is only advisable if you want to return back the phone to its original factory default settings and also fix some abnormal functions of the device.

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Factory data reset:

1. On the main home screen, select menu
2. Select Settings, then Privacy
3. Select Factory data reset
4. Select Reset phone
5. Enter the password if prompted, then confirm by selecting Erase everything

T-Mobile  Sidekick 4G Hard reset, this may help if the phone experience some hang or frozen on some applications:

1. Turn the phone's power off. Take the battery out from the device, wait a couple of seconds and reinsert it back again.
2. Now, Hold the Volume Down button
3. Then press and hold the Power button until the device turns on
4. A menu will show up like: Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
5. Just select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button
6. Then press and release the Power button
7. Select Volume Up if YES and Volume Down for NO

Once the reset process is complete, the phone will then reboot to its factory fresh state settings.
Any data including third-party applications previously stored from the HTC Sensation already wiped or deleted.

Sprint HTC Arrive Soft /Hard Reset, Format Factory Settings

There are still plenty of options and an ever-growing list of apps and games available in the Windows Marketplace for HTC Arrive. But the tweaking may end up if you decide to sell or give to others your HTC Arrive and buy a new phone. And you want to restore the settings to its original default settings so that all of your files and personal information cleared from memory..
htc arrive hard reset

Here's a steps on how to hard reset your HTC Arrive:

   1. On the home screen, swipe left to expose your app list
   2. Tap Settings
   3. Scroll down and tap about
   4. Tap reset your phone
   5. Tap yes to confirm, then tap yes to confirm again

The phone will then reboot and return with a factory fresh settings.

Nokia E73 Earpiece Speaker Jumper Ways and Connection Line Tracks

nokia e73 earpiece speaker jumper ways tracks

Nokia E73 charger not supported solution - BTEMP resistor location

Nokia e73 charger not supported solution

Nokia E73 Ringer - hands Free Speaker Problem Solution

nokia e73 hands free speaker jumper solution

Nokia E73 Display Filter Ic Solution

nokia e73 display ic jumper ways tracks

Nokia E73 Charger Not Supported Solution

Nokia e73 charger not supported solution

Nokia E73 Mode Solutions Hardware Repair Guide

E73 mode LCD display problem solution
E73 Mode Keypad Failure solution
E73 Mode LCD display and keypad backlight solution
E73 Mode Bluetooth failure solution
E73 mode Camera hardware failure
E73 mode Earpiece speaker solution
E73 mode Ringer solution
E73 mode hands free solution
E73 mode No network signal solution
E73 mode power on off button switch jumper ways

Download Nokia E73 mode solution

Back of the display assembly mounted the Atmel mXT 224 touchscreen controller.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G headphone jack, earpiece speaker, and proximity/ambient light sensors Flex cable.

The removed button capacitive touch sensors, vibrator unit, lower microphone, and antenna cable connector mounted on the same flex assembly.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G compact front and rear camera assembly flex board.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Back PCB Motherboard IC Components

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Back PCB Motherboard IC Components:

Samsung Galaxy S 4G front PCB Motherboard IC Components

Nokia 1110 local mode Solution

Attached Images Attached Images  

NOKIA 1112 NO AUDIO Solution By Jumper

Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version  Name: image011vc.jpg‎ Views: 0 Size: 80.7 KB ID: 1832

Samsung Gt C3212 Here Speaker Solution

..::::Iphone4g Front Camera Salution..::::

Nokia 1200 -1208-1209-battary empty problem hot solution

Nokia 5800-5233-5530-5500-all display and led tested solution

Samsung E2510 Pa Jumper

Nokia N8 dead vibrate only done with solution

Just flash blank ppm

Nokia 7100s Auto On Off Solution

G'FIVE U808 headphone mode 100% solution

China T33 headset mode 100% solution

Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version  Name: t33 handsfree solution.jpg‎ Views: 13 Size: 90.4 KB ID: 421

China u808 headset mode 1000% solved

China Ztc - z505 no tones & show headset solution here




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