Nokia 5130c headset problem 100% tested solution

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Nokia 7610 6670 lcd light 100% solution

All NOKIA ON/OFF hot and new SOLUTION 2012


All nokia MMC solution exe

MMC solution exe




Nokia 7210c light solution

N8 touch screen not working tested solution

Chiness 50 Model Pa Schematics

Chiness 50 model pa shematic


Cherry mobile Q3tv keypad malf.. Solution

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Cydia Apps/Tweaks for iPhone 2012

Barrel3D effect

Requires iOS 4.0+.
This tweak adds a 3D “cube” effect to your icon pages, similar to Compiz on Linux. In the tweak’s settings, you can customize the effect to have the icons appear as if you’re either inside or outside of the cube.
Configure options from your Settings app. No new icons will be added to your home screen.

Installation and Download
1- Barrel Free (Install with Cydia)
- Available for free in the following sources:
  • HackYouriPhone
  • Insanelyi Source
. . for sources addresses, Visit *gt;*gt; iPadOS Cydia Sources List
2- Barrel Free [Download .deb]
Version 1.5.8-1:
Initial iOS 5 support
Added new mode: Merry-Go-Rou

Unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.3.2 Using Ultrasn0w 1.2.2

Unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.3.2 Using Ultrasn0w 1.2.2 update news

This version will support the following basebands:
  • 01.59.xx
  • 04.26.xx
  • 05.11.xx
  • 05.12.xx
  • 05.13.xx
  • 06.15.xx (For 3GS users)
This version will NOT work with the following basebands:
  • 02.10.xx
  • 03.10.xx
  • 04.10.xx
  • 05.14.xx
  • 05.15.xx
  • 05.16.xx
Here’s how to get it:
Step 1: Open up Cydia, tap on “Manage” tab at the bottom and finally tap on “Sources”
Step 2: Tap on “Edit” and then on “Add”. You will be prompted to enter a url source as seen in the screenshot below. Type http://repo666.ultrasn0w.comand touch on“Add Source” to add this repo if you haven’t already.
Step 3: Cydia will now automatically update your sources by following a series of automated steps. After installation search for “ultrasn0w 1.2.2” in Cydia and install this application.

This app will automatically unlock your iPhone so that you can use it with any carrier.
Step 4: Restart your iPhone, you should now have a fully unlock iPhone on iOS 4.3.2.
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DiskAid Transfers Files to Apps on iPhone, iPad or iTouch.update news

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