GPGJTAG V2.23 Guoqian New Brand & Motorolla And More!!!

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Added support for these models:
  • Guoqian GC306 (World's 1ST)
  • Hualu E5700 (World's 1ST)
  • Motorola XT532 (World's 1ST)

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GPGJTAG V2.23 Guoqian & Motorolla And More!!!

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Nokia 1800 1616 1280 auto local mode show solution

nokia 1800 1600 1280 auto local mode show with battery no power press ..solution

1 remove parts 3 not ok then try track (number 2 track ) problem solve 100% maybe mobile on in supply but with battery not on so then (used track 3)

your problem solve 101% i tested this solution



How To Update Firmware Of Samsung N7000 Galaxy Note

Firmware Update Guide:

- Check these options: Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, and F. Reset Time.

- Now you have to select Pit file and Firmware files too like this:

PIT: Q1_20110914_16GB.pit

PDA: CODE_N7000xxxxx_CL627135_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.m d5

PHONE: MODEM_N7000xxxxx_REV_05_CL1067428.tar.md5

CSC: GT-N7000-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5

- Put phone into Download Mode: press Volume Down + Home + Power, then press Volume Up.

- Connect USB cable to phone and make sure the program detect it.

- Click Strat button and wait till the program finishes the process.

- After the phone restarted disconnect USB cable.

- Do Full Reset by Code: *2767*3855#

How To Update Firmware Of Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Firmware Update Steps:
  1. Run Samsung P100Download program.
  2. Check these Three Options: Re-Partition + Auto Reboot + F.Reset Time.
  3. Select PIT file in its field.
  4. Put Device Into Download Mode ( Press Volume Down + Power ).
  5. Connect Cable To Phone.
  6. Make sure ID:COM box highlighted yellow that the device is connected to the PC.
  7. Start Downloading PIT file by clicking Start Button. Then wait for "Pass" to be appear on the screen.
  8. Click on Reset button, then unselect Re-Partition box. Then select PDA, PHONE and CSC Files each in his field.
  9. Put Device into Download Mode again, then connect to the PC.
  10. Staret Downloading PDA, PHONE and CSC files by clicking Start Button. Then wait for "Pass" to be appear on the screen.
  11. After all is done reboot the phone and Do Full Reset: *2767*3855#.

Nokia 3110c no lights on lcd and keypad [solution]

overnight charging


1. see if all backlights on keypad is complete
(remember that missing backlights on 3110c unit can cause no lcd light too)

2. if all backlight is in tact....use tester to check the lines..

3. if you see this line is broken... just apply jumper as shown on the image below

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