Samsung Galaxy Note hard reset

Reset the Galaxy Note GT-N7000 device: press and hold the Power/Reset/Lock key for 10-15 seconds.

Your device freezes or has fatal errors
If your device freezes or hangs, you may need to close programs or reset the device to regain functionality. If your
device is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the Power key for 10-15 seconds. The device will reboot automatically.
If this does not solve the problem, perform a factory data reset. In Idle mode, open the application list and select
Settings → Privacy → Factory data reset → Reset phone → Erase everything.

Select Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset: Reset your settings to the factory default values and delete all your data.

Press Application button, then Settings > Reset settings: Reset your settings to the factory default values.

While using your device, be sure to back up important data. When disposing of your device, back up all data and then reset your device
to prevent misuse of your personal information.

Use this method to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000: Enter *2767*3855#. Warning! All your data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost! Copy all your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup to your PC before full reset! Take out SIM card before full reset.

Nokia 7210c Alway's Battery Low 100% tested solution

Share ko Lang Nokia 7210C Alway's Battery Low And umiinit ang unit...Saka pag On mo ang
Bluetooth Restart...( Cause ) By BT IC

Unit: 7210c

Problem: 7210C Alway's Battery Low & ( Umiinit )

Unit Before

1st Step:
Tester ang Unit At Hindi naman ito Grounded Or Shorted
Kaya Baklas ang Unit Then kapain kung saan ang Part na Umiinit At ( BT IC ) ang Umiinit

See the Hardware Pic's & Change ( BT IC ) Here

Ito na sya inalis ko na ang Bluetooth Here

Then dito naman ako kumuha sa 6120C ng ( BT )

At ito na sya napalitan na ng ( BT IC )

After na Palitan ng ( BT IC ) Testing kung mag On naba Ang Bluetooth


Reparing SuccesS & hinid na rin Nag Sign Battery Low

Symphony Ft01 Flash File

Symphony Ft01 (MTK-6250)

Info -

ZT230PAA044A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6250_S00.FT01_1_V04_0_V1 .BIN

Project ID : FT01_1_V04_0_V1

CPU_Type = MT6250

CPU_ID = 00000007

Nor Flash ID = 00EF006000170000

NOR_Size = 8MB

Password : ~ Ashfaq Tawhid Rayan ~

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