How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon usa see this way

Taking a screen shot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 verizon is a very easy task as it does not require any hardcore work or method even it does not require any app for that. It’s a built-in feature on the Galaxy S4 verizon.
Android Smartphone are an excellent way to take all your private and important files, images, data, and all other imperative data with you. Thus we can declare that it is one of the finest gadgets in our pocket which has plenty of information regarding you.
So in this tutorial we will be showing you how to capture screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S4 verizon. Just follow the simple steps given below:


This tutorial will definitely work when using Samsung Galaxy S4 verizon only. While working of it on others is not yet confirmed. On applying this installation to another model or device may give an unwanted result. While applying the procedure given in this tutorial we will not be responsible if anything occurs to your device, so continue at your own risk.

Steps to be followed to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon are:

There are 2 methods for taking screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon.

Method 1:

Step 1:
Just press & hold “Home” button.
Now press & hold “Power” button of your Samsung Galaxy S4.
Step 3:
Wait until a click sound occurs or you get a visual appearance of screen getting diminish from the border to the center.
Step 4:
By doing this a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy S4 will be captured.
Step 5:
To check screenshot, just navigate to “file manager” then go to “Files” then open “Pictures” and at last open the folder, naming “Screenshot”.
One thing that you must keep in your mind while attempting this is- you have to press both Power & Home buttons simultaneously for nearly 2 seconds. During the process your Samsung Galaxy S4 may vibrate or a shutter sound can arise as it is being heard in many cases. After this a pop-up will appear indicating that a screenshot is being taken successfully. And then you can see the screenshot in notification panel or you can see it in gallery.

Method 2:

Step 1:
Just go to “Settings” in your Samsung Galaxy S4.
Now in Settings, select “My Device” option.
Step 3:
Inside My Device option, you’ll get a “Palm Motion” option.
Step 4:
Inside the Palm Motion option, just click on Capture Screen.
Step 5:
Now swipe your palm in front of your Samsung Galaxy S4 and a screenshot will be captured.
Step 6:
You can check the screenshot in Notification Panel.
Hope this article about how to take screenshot on Galaxy S4 Verizon helped you.

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