After Android OS..Now Comes Sailfish OS

After Android OS..Now Comes Sailfish OS

Jolla Oy (sometimes referred to as Jolla Ltd. or Jolla Mobile) is an independent designer and developer for various mobile devices and open Sailfish OS based on MeeGo and Mer Core open source projects. In addition to its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, R&D sites in Helsinki and Tampere, has offices in Hong Kong and is establishing R&D operations in China mainland in order to lead the Sailfish Alliance development and ecosystem. The primary product is their Jolla smartphone, which is running the Sailfish OS based on the core distribution of the Mer project, which continues the previous work of the MeeGo project.

Jolla continues the work started first by the same group of professionals, that time Nokia employees, as the Nokia N9 team with the MeeGo version Harmattan. After Nokia, has abandoned their participation in the MeeGo project the N9 team works were slowing down and had no further future any more. Finally, directors and core professionals from Nokia's the N9 team left the company and finished forming of Jolla Oy to continue the N9's legacy.

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