Samsung S8530 Unlock done with Z3X

Plz first get only this setting

Type *#197328640# -> common -> Service configuration -> Data Service config -> USB ACM AP

instal this driver One click file hosting: S8530_USB driver_new.rar

and Click Unlock read codes not working

Selected model: S8530
Selected port: COM78 SAMSUNG Mobile USB Serial Port
Selected port speed: 115200
Searching Samsung modem... detected COM77
Reading phone info...
Model: GT-S8530
Phone version: S8530BVLA2
IMEI: 355082049757866
Model: GT-S8530
Country code: ÇÁ¶û½º
Cal date: 2011-01-10
Factory SW: S8530BVKA1_FTMKA1
Unique number: 86120000764817
Memory phone: KAC007021M(S8530)
Reading sysinfo... OK
Searching server... OK
Writing sysinfo... OK
Unlock done
Done with Samsung Tool v.14.2

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